Facility Condition Assessments

The R&R team oversees the university's Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) of facilities across six sites, encompassing over 300 buildings.

Completion of the assessments provides the university with the following benefits:

  • An overall view and source of data on the condition of our facilities
  • A vital source of information to ensure effective and efficient use of the university's funds

VFA, Inc. Assessments

VFA, Inc., a facilities asset management and capital planning consulting firm hired by The University of Texas at Austin, will be conducting facilities condition assessments of 25 facilities on Main Campus, 33 facilities at JJ Pickle Research Center, and 16 facilities at the Johnson Wildflower Center. VFA team members are Shane Tyack (Mechanical), Lincoln McKinnon (Electrical), and Delk Watson (Architectural). The VFA team will be escorted at all times by Zone Maintenance personnel.

A complete list of buildings to be assessed in FY 19/20 can be found here: FY 19/20 Building List. Specific schedules for this year’s building assessments will be posted here when they are available.

These VFA assessments will be a comprehensive assessment of the selected building’s condition and the condition of its systems, including roofing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, interior and exterior. The purpose of the assessments is to provide a documentary framework for keeping each facility in good condition by studying the current state of its systems, analyzing its system maintenance requirements, prioritizing its maintenance needs, and projecting future maintenance costs.

Building occupants are asked to cooperate with the VFA team and report building deficiencies and concerns in advance. Although the focus of the assessment is on systems such as climate control, plumbing, or security rather than on isolated maintenance problems such as a loose baseboard or missing ceiling tile, please report any maintenance needs regardless of scope. Contact Program Coordinator Brandy Hamblet.