DC Standards / Division 26 - Electrical

The University of Texas at Austin Design and Construction Standards have been prepared by the University to guide and assist architects, engineers, other design professionals, contractors, and university staff (herein referred to as Professional) in understanding the preferences of The University of Texas at Austin in the development, maintenance, repair and replacement of its facilities and assets.

If you wish to download multiple files, you may do so by going to the Current PMCS Design and Construction Standards UT Box Folder.

Division 26 - Design Criteria

File Link Word File Link File Title Updates Made Rev. Date
Div26_Electrical_Systems_DC (PDF) Div26_Electrical_Systems_DC (DOC) Electrical Systems Design Criteria Update 01/2021

Division 26 - Technical Specifications

File Link Word File Link File Title Updates Made Rev. Date
26.00.00 (PDF) 26.00.00 (DOC) Basic Electrical Requirements Update 10/2020
26.00.00.UEM (PDF) 26.00.00.UEM (DOC) UEM Electrical General Provisions None 02/2017
26.01.26.UEM (PDF) 26.01.26.UEM (DOC) UEM Electrical Testing None 02/2017
26.05.00 (PDF) 26.05.00 (DOC) Common Work Results for Electrical Update 01/2021
26.05.13.UEM (PDF) 26.05.13.UEM (DOC) UEM Wire And Cable None 02/2017
26.05.26.UEM (PDF) 26.05.26.UEM (DOC) UEM Grounding And Bonding Systems None 02/2017
26.05.29 (PDF) 26.05.29 (DOC) Hangers and Supports for Electrical Systems Update 01/2021
26.05.33 (PDF) 26.05.33 (DOC) Raceway, Conduit and Boxes Update 08/2021
26.05.33.UEM (PDF) 26.05.33.UEM (DOC) UEM Electrical Conduit None 02/2017
26.05.43.UEM (PDF) 26.05.43.UEM (DOC) UEM Underground Ducts and Manholes Update 07/2021
26.05.53.UEM (PDF) 26.05.53.UEM (DOC) UEM Electrical Identification None 02/2017
26.05.73.UEM (PDF) 26.05.73.UEM (DOC) UEM Fault and Coordination Study and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Update 10/2019
26.05.83.UEM (PDF) 26.05.83.UEM (DOC) UEM Wire Connections and Devices None 02/2017
26.09.23 (PDF) 26.09.23 (DOC) Lighting Control Devices Update 10/2020
26.10.00 (PDF)   MV Electrical Transmission None 04/2012
26.12.13.UEM (PDF) 26.12.13.UEM (DOC) UEM Main Distribution Transformers None 02/2017
26.13.19.UEM (PDF) 26.13.19.UEM (DOC) UEM 15KV Metal-Clad Switchgear Update 07/2021
26.20.00 (PDF)   LV Electrical Transmission None 04/2012
26.22.13 (PDF) 26.22.13 (DOC) Low-Voltage Distribution Transformers Update 01/2021
26.22.13.UEM (PDF) 26.22.13.UEM (DOC) UEM Dry Type Transformers None 02/2017
26.23.13.UEM (PDF) 26.23.13.UEM (DOC) UEM Metal-Enclosed Distribution Switchgear (600 VAC) None 02/2017
26.24.16 (PDF) 26.24.16 (DOC) Panelboards - Distribution and Branch Circuit Update 10/2020
26.24.19.UEM (PDF) 26.24.19.UEM (DOC) UEM Motor Control Centers None 02/2017
26.27.26.UEM (PDF) 26.27.26.UEM (DOC) UEM Wiring Devices None 02/2017
26.29.23 (PDF)   Variable Frequency Drives None 01/2008
26.30.00 (PDF)   Power Generating and Storing Equipment None 04/2012
26.32.13.UEM (PDF) 26.32.13.UEM (DOC) UEM Engine Generator None 02/2017
26.33.53.UEM (PDF) 26.33.53.UEM (DOC) UEM Uninterruptible Power Supplies None 02/2017
26.36.23.UEM (PDF) 26.36.23.UEM (DOC) UEM Automatic Transfer Switches None 02/2017
26.51.13 (PDF) 26.51.13 (DOC) Luminaires, Lamps and Poles Update 03/2018
26.60.00 (PDF)   Electric Motors None 04/2012


Division 26 - Supplemental Standards

File Title and Link Updates Made Rev. Date
Commissioning Scope of Services and Deliverables (PDF) (XLS) None 04/2017
Energy and Water Performance Information Request (PDF) (DOC) None 12/2019
Food Establishment Guidelines Update 09/2019