Exceptions & Revisions

Project Exceptions to the Design and Construction Standards

This manual is the result of considerable experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a substantial number of physical facilities. It is intended that the material included in this manual shall be applied in the preparation of documents for the design and construction of new buildings and renovations to existing physical facilities.

If the Professional believes that a specific situation requires a deviation from the standards contained in this manual, the Professional should discuss such a deviation with the University Project Manager after all other options have been exhausted. A request shall be submitted through the Standards Exception Request by the Project Manager for approval, noting any alternate solutions investigated prior to the request. Approval is not guaranteed.

Submit Standards Exception Request

Please Note - only a Project Manager has authority to submit a Standards Exception Request.

Revisions to the Design and Construction Standards

Changing technology and changes in University requirements will require continuing revisions and updates to the manual. All proposed changes to The University of Texas at Austin Design and Construction Standards are overseen by a Standards Governance process. This process allows for a committee consisting of a Development Lead and Subject Matter Experts to review the standards for revision consideration. After review and approval by the Development Lead, the recommended changes are approved by a Division Champion, and the Steering Board Committee. With the final approval of the VP of Operations, the revisions will be made to the Standards.

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To view a list of revisions since the last archive or archived versions of the Standards, click on one of the links below.

Changelog and Archive

Before starting a project for the University, all Professionals shall ensure that their copy of the Design and Construction Standards is up to date.