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How To

How to Start the Renovation Process

To start the renovation process or learn about your options electronically, log into WORQS. For more information about WORQS, visit our Service Request page.

You have the option to complete a Service Request Form SR10 (PDF) and fax it to 512-471-8788. Pickle Research Campus clients may complete the PRC Service Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 512-475-8167.

Please refer to the Procedure for Requesting Renovation Projects before submitting the request.

Do you want to change something about your space? Whether you want to renovate an entire laboratory or just get new windows, install new baseboards, change the color of your ceiling tiles, or simply refresh the look of your space with new furniture and carpet, PMCS is your first stop.

We provide design, estimating and construction coordination for all renovation projects less than $10 million. All renovations or modifications done to buildings, grounds, and other fixed facilities of the university must be performed by PMCS unless we approve other arrangements. If your department wants to manage bidding or contracting work from an outside contractor, including projects as simple as furniture and carpet purchases, be sure to get PMCS approval first.

Please refer to the Procedure for Requesting Renovation Projects.