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Change Log and Alerts for the Design and Construction Standards Versions

Updates between Version 9-2016 and 2-2017:

The addition of the Utilities and Energy Management Standards (pages 967 thru 1272)*

*Alert: This updated version of the Design and Construction Standards (version 2-2017) will apply retroactively to the Energy Engineering Building project and the Creekside Residence Hall project.

Word File Link File Title Rev
27.08.20.pdf Copper Testing Mar-17
27.11.00.pdf Communications Rooms Mar-17
27.11.13.pdf Communications Entrance Protection Mar-17
27.11.19.pdf Communications Termination Blocks and Patch Panels Mar-17
27.13.23.pdf Communications Optical Fiber Backbone Cabling Mar-17
27.15.13.pdf Communications Copper Horizontal Cable Mar-17
27.15.43.pdf Communications Faceplates and Modular Jacks Mar-17
27.16.19.pdf Telecommunications Patch Cords, Station Cords, and Cross Connect Wires Mar-17