Design and Construction Standards / Utilities and Energy Management -Division 23

The University of Texas at Austin Design and Construction Standards have been prepared by the University to guide and assist architects, engineers, other design professionals, contractors, and university staff (herein referred to as Professional) in understanding the preferences of The University of Texas at Austin in the development, maintenance, repair and replacement of its facilities and assets.

If you wish to download multiple files, you may do so by going to the PMCS Design and Construction Standards UT BOX Site.

Utilities and Energy Management - Division 23 - Design Guidelines

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Utilities and Energy Management - Division 23 - Technical Specifications

File Link Word File Link File Title Version No. Updates Made Rev. Date
23.05.13 (PDF) 23.05.13 (DOC) Motors 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.05.53.A (PDF) 23.05.53.A (DOC) Mechanical Identification (for Central Plant, Tower Area and TES) 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.07.00 (PDF) 23.07.00 (DOC) Mechanical Insulation (CHW Piping and Equipment) 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.07.16 (PDF) 23.07.16 (DOC) Equipment Insulation 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.07.19 (PDF) 23.07.19 (DOC) Piping Insulation 11-2018 Update 02/2017 (PDF) (DOC) Electrical Actuators 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.21.13 (PDF) 23.21.13 (DOC) Piping and Valves 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.21.13.xlsx   Pipe Specification Tables 11-2018 Update 08/2018
23.21.13.A (PDF) 23.21.13.A (DOC) UT Requirements for Water Treatment for Hydrostatic Testing of New Piping Systems 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.21.13.B (PDF) 23.21.13.B (DOC) UT Procedures for Cleaning, Passivating & Final Treatment of Chilled & Hot Water Piping 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.21.23 (PDF) 23.21.23 (DOC) Centrifugal Pumps 11-2018 Update 02/2017
23.52.33 (PDF) 23.52.33 (DOC) Water-Tube Boilers 11-2018 Update 02/2017

Utilities and Energy Management - Division 23 - Supplemental Documents

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