CP796020 BMA: Blanton Museum Buildings and Grounds Improvement

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Pedestrian Access


Pedestrian Access (barrier free)

Project Dates

Monday, July 19, 2021 to Friday, March 31, 2023

Project Summary

Summary of scope: 

The Blanton Museum of Art Master Plan seeks to renovate its existing grounds to create a specific district plan that enhances the museum campus experience by:

1.    Creating a sense of cohesion between the Blanton’s buildings; establishing a pedestrian-friendly environment with a clear walking path from the garage to the front door of the museum and between the three museum buildings

2.    Strengthening the physical and visual connection to the university campus and better connect to Speedway Mall while addressing other issues like drop-off, bike traffic, ADA compliance and maintaining shade.

3.    Achieving greater visibility as Austin’s art museum and aligning with the goals of the Capitol Complex master plan to engage the community with the development of a “museum district” in connection with the Blanton and Bullock Museums.

Project Impacts

Pedestrian impact: Pedestrians will be re-routed around the Blanton Museum campus.

Traffic impact: Lane closures along MLK and Brazos will occur at various times, but one lane will be open throughout the project.

Bicycle impact: Existing marked bike path along the north edge of MLK will be closed at various times. Cyclists may consider alternative routes using the City of Austin’s Bike Map.  Temporary bike racks will be located adjacent to the temporary museum entrance on Brazos.

Parking Impact: N/A


If you have questions about this project, please contact construction@utexas.edu.