Leadership Team

Planning, Design and Construction professionals manage design and construction for renovation, infrastructure, and minor and major new construction projects for The University of Texas at Austin. 

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Dan Cook, Executive Director, Planning, Design and Construction

Dan is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, having served for more than two decades. During his time in the military, he oversaw critical military functions' construction, facilities, and operations. He is the Executive Director of Campus Construction, leading a team of professionals responsible for design, construction, project management, project support, contracting, and construction operations. His team is responsible for delivering improvements across the main and supported campuses, planning and developing initiatives that support the University's strategic goals for increased effectiveness in the stewardship of resources. Dan is also a Registered Architect in Texas, receiving numerous accolades for his distinguished contributions.


Amanda Barber, Director, Project Management

Amanda is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 25 years of experience in project and program management. She specializes in construction, design, facilities, maintenance, environmental compliance, planning, and energy efficiency and is responsible for managing the team of Campus Construction’s project managers.

Doug Gilpin

Doug Gilpin, Director, Construction Operations

Doug is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, having served for more than two decades. As the Director of Construction Operations, Doug provides operational leadership for a design and construction program, delivering improvements across the primary and supported campuses.

Lester Felder, Team Lead, Research/Science

Lester Felder, Associate Director, Research and Science

Lester is a registered architect with extensive experience working for UT, serving the science, engineering, and research needs of the Cockrell School and College of Natural Sciences. He has an established record of success at the Marine Science Institute, Pickle Research Campus, and here on the 40 acres.

Shannon Hanney, Manager

Shannon Hanney, Associate Director for Construction Services

Shannon oversees the University's in-house construction and renovation program. The Construction Services division supports small renovation and construction projects across campus and also provides primary support to major campus events, including Commencement and Gone to Texas.

Mara Landi

Mara Landi, Associate Director, Special Projects

Mara leads our Special Projects team and oversees high-priority capital projects. She has 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry, including projects for public and private higher education institutions.

Michael Uyeda

Michael Uyeda, Associate Director, Project Support

Michael manages the Capital Projects division of Construction Operations, responsible for safety and construction administration to ensure compliance with Campus Standards and Guidelines.


Andrijana Vukovich, Associate Director, Auxiliaries and Infrastructure

Andrijana is an experienced leader on our team who has guided renovations, repairs, and the Main Building Capital Improvement Project. Her primary focus is on project management for infrastructure needs, which touches all areas across campus.

Trina Bickford

Trina Bickford, Assistant Director, Contracts

As the Assistant Director for Contracts, Trina’s primary duties are managing the solicitations and contracts for outside professional services and contractors and coordinating with internal services supporting the project management team. Trina is a Certified Purchasing Manager and has experience in municipal procurement.

Kate Haenchen Jimenez

Kate Haenchen Jimenez, Associate Director of Planning and Design

Kate Haenchen Jimenez is the LEED AP ID+C certified Planning and Design Associate Director. She has extensive commercial design experience, specializes in space planning, building programming, and project management, and leads a team of planning project managers and an in-house design team.

Mike Kirkendall 2018.jpg

Mike Kirkendall, Assistant Director, Financial Operations

As the interim Assistant Director for Financial Operations, Mike’s primary duties are managing the budget and financial reporting across Planning, Design and Construction, Facilities, and Sustainability, as well as conducting various financial analysis for the entire organization.