21PSS011-CAM-Prof Svc Sweatt v. Painter Entrance/Ext & Precursors-We are Texas East Mall Memorials

Project Summary

The abbreviated Summary of Work is as follows:

The successful firm will be asked to partner with the University community in a visioning as well as architectural, aesthetic, and narrative design processes for both the Sweatt v. Painter Entrance and Exterior, and the Precursors - We are Texas East Mall memorials. 


In a message addressed to the University of Texas at Austin community on July 13, 2020 then Interim President Jay Hartzell promised to create an environment at the University “in which students, faculty and staff are fully supported before, during and after their time at UT.” An important part of this effort will be recognizing and learning from our institution’s history and reflecting our values through campus symbols. In pursuit of this goal, President Hartzell pledged to:

·        Honor Heman M. Sweatt: by creating the Heman M. Sweatt Entrance to T.S. Painter Hall as the main entrance on 24th Street; placing a monument near the entrance; and then reimagining, redesigning and rededicating a major space in the building as an exhibit and gathering place where we will tell the story of the U.S. Supreme Court case of Sweatt v. Painter. This will recognize Mr. Sweatt’s courage and leadership in changing the world through the 1950 case that he won, allowing him and other Black students to attend UT. This will also place Painter Hall within the context of our university’s resistance to integration under T.S. Painter’s presidency, and ultimately to the Sweatt decision’s crucial role in integrating public education. 

·        Honor the Precursors, the first Black undergraduates to attend The University of Texas at Austin, by commissioning a new monument on the East Mall. This will be the central feature of a larger space dedicated to the pioneering students and faculty members who helped move the university toward becoming more inclusive. 

All RFQ documents available at https://utexas.box.com/s/y094qt5s2of4niy165twyt12v45lvt3t

Project Details:

  • RFQ Number: 21PSS011
  • CP Number: CP857782
  • Project Manager:  Robin Camp
  • Contract Specialist: Trina Bickford, Contract Manager

Key Dates:

  • No. of Addenda: 1