21PSS004-CAM-Feasibility Study - E-Gaming Space at Texas Union

Project Summary

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The abbreviated Summary of Work is as follows:

The University Unions views E-Gaming (also referred to as Esports) as a student engagement, recruitment, and retention opportunity, and is exploring the feasibility of a dedicated space for E-Gaming.  The future space will be available to both competitive and casual gamers and welcoming to all.  Students engaged in E-Gaming build critical thinking skills, encourage teamwork and innovation, and foster community.  The E-Gaming field is also valuable for students interested in event management, communications, gameplay, coaching, exercise science, and the field continues to grow in prominence and engagement.

A study of the Unions Underground vacant area (formerly a kitchen/café area) and adjacent pool table spaces is required to determine the feasibility of creating an E-gaming suite for students.  The study must include a final scope of work, preferred conceptual design, project phasing (if needed), and associated cost estimate to design and construct the work.  The study must also include investigating architectural, MEP, IT/AV services, furniture, fire alarm/fire protection, code analysis, and cost estimating.

Project Details:

  • RFQ Number: 21PSS004
  • CP Number: CP816182
  • Project Manager: Jetal Bhakta
  • Contract Specialist: Trina Bickford, Contract Manager

Key Dates:

  • No. of Addenda: 2