20CSP022 - BMC - RENOVATE ROOMS 4.206, 4.208 AND 4.210

Project Summary

The abbreviated Summary of Work is as follows:

  • Combine BMC 4.206 and 4.208 into a 2,000 s.f. learning space. Construct a small room within this space that will contain an AV closet and a small meeting space. Divide BMC 4.210 to create two spaces; one room will serve as a conference room, while the other room will serve as a lounge space. All spaces will see new openings, finishes, glazing, electrical, AV infrastructure, and HVAC. On the west end of the project space, install a built-in table and seating system for public use.
  • The general Construction Budget range for the project is approximately $800,000.00 to $850,000.00.
  • Please use this link to receive electronic copies of the Solicitation via UT box. https://utexas.box.com/s/msedp1jgb97suk7p4cen4biwz1h3c6wf

Project Details:

  • RFP Number: 20CSP022
  • CP Number: CP781990
  • Project Manager: Brian Dujon
  • Professional Service Provider: Lawrence Group Contact: Earl Swisher, Principal
  • Contract Specialist: Cynthia Rangel

Key Dates:

PMCS Offices - Do Not Mail Envelopes.  The PMCS building is currently closed.  All submissions must be made via the link provided for the UT Drop Box.