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Project Delivery SOPs

NEW * 6/27/2017 *

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) below are now housed in the new PMCS Library. This site will be taken down in the near future. Starting 6/27/2017, all PMCS SOPs that are updated or revised will be uploaded in the new PMCS Library.

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are used to facilitate the project delivery process. They should be used in reference to current Capital Projects. If you are unable to access these SOPs or have a comment/concern, please contact Felicia Garcia-Hildenbrand.

To get started, please view the SOP Introduction/Overview [online training module].


Administrative | Design Phase | Construction Phase | Warranty Phase | Standards



SOP Documentation (pdf) Training Module
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center Projects  
Austin Energy Rebate  
Client Satisfaction Survey  
Construction Coordinator Duties  
Document Archival and Retrieval  
Exclusive Acquisition Approval Authority Levels  
Faculty Building Advisory Committee Project Review  
Federally Funded Projects  
Food Service Establishment Projects  
Green Fee Projects  
HUB Procedures  
JOC Contract Approval Authority Levels  
JOC Project Life Cycle download pdf
Liaison with Colleges and Auxiliary Units  
Mentoring Responsibilities (Construction Coordinators)  
Project Delivery Checklist  
Project Funding  
Project Funding Request Process Table  
Project Initiation  
Requesting Project Approvals Greater than Board of Regents Standing Authorities  
Security Procedures  
Signature Authority for Contract Documents  
SOP Approval Process  
Time Off Requests  
Travel and Mileage Reimbursement  
Utilities Responsibility Matrix  

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Design Phase

SOP Documentation (pdf) Training Module
Asbestos Abatement  
Contractor Parking and Staging  
Construction Document Review and Approval  
Document Approval Levels  
Design Document Review and Approval  
Electronic Submittal of Design Documents  
Equipment Add-Update-Retire Log and Equipment Schedule SOP  
Equipment Add-Update-Retire Template  
Equipment Requiring Identification Numbers  
Estimate Review and Approval download (.ppsx)
Fire Alarm System Design, Construction, and Commissioning  
Grease Traps online
Interior Design Team Member  
JOC Job Order Negotiation  
Landmark Guidelines (Word) / UT Landmarks (Website)  
Lead Abatement  
Locks & Keys Services  
Processing Asbestos Notification and Fees  
Project Delivery Method Selection  
PSP Guidelines for Document Submittals to PMCS  
Registered Industrial Plant Program Process  
Renovation and Renewal (R&R) Guide  
R&R Project Submittal  
R&R Budget (Five Year Plan)  
Signage Use Guidelines  
TDLR Registration and TAS Compliance  
Utilities Design Review  

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Construction Phase

SOP Documentation (pdf) Training Module
Capital Project Closeout  
Change Order Justification  
Corrective Action Log  
Excess Funds Transfer  
Incident Investigation Procedure  
Large Delivery Vehicles  
Outage Request  
Purchase Order Use for Construction  

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Warranty Phase

SOP Documentation (pdf) Training Module
Warranty Management  

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SOP Documentation (pdf) Training Module
CADD Standard Manual  
Exterior Signage and Wayfinding Standards  
Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal  
Gender Inclusive Restroom Sign Standards  
Interior Signage Standards  
Landscape Master Plan & Design Guidelines (DRAFT)  
Providing Room Type Information  
Record Document Standards  
Room Type Standards  
State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) Compliance  
Specification Manual Standards  

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