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Design Services

How To

How to request our design services:

To request our design services, simply log into WORQS. For more information about WORQS, visit our Service Request site.

You have the option to complete a Service Request Form SR10 (PDF) and fax it to 512-471-8788. Pickle Research Campus clients may complete the PRC Service Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 512-475-8167.

We will meet with you to figure out the design needs of your new space during the early phases of planning your renovation. We will draft drawings for you to review and will help you decide upon the scope, schedule, budget, and schematic design of the project. Once everyone agrees on the design documents and budget, we will handle planning details and other specifics needed to estimate construction costs.

Service Cost Recovery

PMCS has established a Major Renovation Project Service Center that will use a cost recovery model to fund the operational and maintenance expenses for management of projects between $4 million and $10 million. Visit the Service Cost Recovery page for details.