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Cost Estimates

How To

How to get a cost estimate

To request a cost estimate,simply log into WORQS. For more information about WORQS, visit our Service Request site.

You have the option to complete a Service Request Form SR10 (PDF) and fax it to 512-471-8788. Pickle Research Campus clients may complete the PRC Service Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 512-475-8167.

Be sure to specify that you want a cost estimate. If funding has already been approved for your project, you can request a detailed cost estimate by contacting your project manager.

We provide cost estimates for construction and renovation projects at the university. We generally give you two different types of cost estimates as your project progresses:

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Estimates: These types of estimates are the first step in project preparation. They provide you with a preliminary budget, with a variance of plus (+) or minus (-) thirty percent (30%), based on your input of the project's goals. ROM estimates are usually based on the estimator’s experience as well as historical data on similar projects. Your department may use this kind of estimate for funding requests and budget planning, and you will need to get detailed cost estimates before construction or renovations begin.

Detailed Cost Estimates: You will want to request a detailed cost estimate once funding has been approved or identified for a project. The detailed estimate will give you the specific breakdown of project costs, and you will need to have a preliminary design to get this type of estimate. We will then fully investigate existing building conditions and evaluate all remodeling projects for heating and air conditioning capacity, electrical service, plumbing, potential hazardous materials, and interior elements such as paint and carpet. We will likely provide estimates of completion dates and work on coordinating critical deadlines at the same time that we give you a detailed cost estimate.