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Construction Coordination

How To

How to use our construction coordination services:

If you have submitted an electronic WORQS service request (UT EID Required) for work that involves construction, we will provide the coordination services described at the left. If you have questions about how we are coordinating construction for a specific project, contact your project manager.

To request construction coordination, simply log into WORQS. For more information about WORQS, visit our Service Request site.

You have the option to complete a Service Request Form SR10 (PDF) and fax it to 512-471-8788. Pickle Research Campus clients may complete the PRC Service Request Form (PDF) and fax it to 512-475-8167.

We help coordinate the construction, renovation and repair projects of outside contractors and our own construction shops. To ensure quality construction projects, we manage schedules, budgets, payments, and required testing and inspections. In addition, we oversee contractor performance for compliance with construction documents, the approved schedule, quality of workmanship, quality and quantity of materials, and construction industry standards. We also maintain files and records of construction projects.

Our Contractor's Handbook gives you guidance on working successfully at The University of Texas at Austin, with information from "Abatement" to "Waste Disposal."

The forms below are for contractors' use in maintaining a safe work environment while performing construction, renovation and repairs for the university:

The following document provides guidance and expectations for complying with 1926.1153 – OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica standard on UT campus: