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Purchase and Contract Transparency Report - Proposal Solicitation Calendar


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Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS) has the following competitive opportunities currently available. For each solicitation, a summary of the project, including key dates and locations, is included under the “Proposal Information” link. The solicitation documents are posted for download under “Project Details (ESBD)”, which links to the State of Texas Electronic State Business Daily website. All packages posted on the ESBD website must be downloaded, and the website must be checked during the solicitation period to ensure all addenda and additional forms/information are received. Respondents are responsible for ensuring all documents are received, reviewed and incorporated into their response prior to submission. Information on past solicitations is also posted under the “Bid Tabulations” and “Award Notices” links.

Effective January 1st, 2018, PMCS will no longer have hard copies of the plans and specs available; however, if hard copies are required, ARC Reprographics will continue to provide these documents. Charges will vary depending on the size of the documents. ARC has indicated the approximate cost is $1.50/page for drawings and 10¢/page for specifications, and the total cost will be provided at the time the documents are ordered. Please allow 24 hours for preparation of the hard copies. Delivery from ARC is also available at an additional charge.

To request hard copies, contact:

ARC Reprographics

Address: 4107 S Capital of Texas Hwy #400, Austin, TX 78704

Hours: M-F 8AM–5PM

Phone: (512) 441-2475

Please note: The University of Texas at Austin is committed to making a good faith effort to assist historically underutilized businesses (HUBs) in receiving contract awards. The goal of the HUB program is to promote full and equal business opportunity for all businesses in contracting with The University. For additional information, please contact PMCS’s HUB Staff Associate, Muriel Kruse at 512-475-6856, or visit

For additional information, please contact:

Trina Bickford, Manager, Contracts, at, 512.475.8452.


Open Request For Proposals

18CSP029 - JHH - Upgrade Existing NFS 3030 to Voice Notification


18CSP027 - PRC - Perform Fire Alarm / Fire Protection Code Compliancy Analysis

18PSP075 - CAM - RFQ - On-Going Professional Services for Various Projects in Support of Coastal Facilities including the Marine Science Institute

18CSP026 - MSI - Survey/Repair/Redesign for Marina and Docks

18CSP030 - MSI - S-15 Beach St. Apt. Reno Harvey


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CMR Subcontracting Opportunities

18CMR002 - BE1 - Renovation of Existing Laboratories

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Proposals Received

18PSS002 - JWC - Strategic Master Plan For Johnson WildFlower Center

17CSP022- PRC - Renovations for Dr. Bogard (EME)

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Proposals Awarded

18CSP024 - ARC - Dr. Seidemann Lab Renovation Phase 2

18CMR005 - PCL - The Welcome Center



18CSP011 - CAM - Brackenridge, Roberts, Prather Hall Dormitories (2018)

18CSP017 - EER - Lab Renovations - Freeman (4.626 - 4.640)

18CSP018 - NMS - PAT - Renovations for Kemp Lab

18CSP019 - BUR - GPC Renovations

18CSP020 - WMB - Renovate 5th, 6th Floors for SOA Research

18CSP008 - MAI - Roof and Terrace Waterproofing Replacement

18CSP016 - PAI - Renovate Spaces on 2nd Floor to FRI Labs

18CSP021 - MCD - Geodetic Observatory Site Utility/Infrastructure Installation

18CSP012 - SEA - Laboratory Renovation

18CMR002 - BE1 - Rock Garden & Miscellaneous Lab Improvements

18CSP013 - ECJ - Update 10th Floor Lobby

18CSP014 - SUT - Electrical Renovation

18CSP005 - SAC - Outdoor Decking Renovation


18CSP004 - SRH - Unit 1 HVAC System for Benson Collection

18CSP006 - JWC - Perimeter Security Fencing

18CSP003 - WIN - HVAC & Electrical Renewal (Phase 3)


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Proposals Canceled

18CMR006 - AHG - South Wing Renovation

18CSP015 - JON - Renovation Atrium Ceiling/Lighting