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18CSP002 - JWC - Life Safety Item A4- Visitor Parking Lot Lighting - Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Project Summary

The abbreviated Summary of Work is as follows:

Per construction documents prepared by S.Kanetzky Engineers / Austin, trench existing pavement, place conduit, backfill w/ flowable fill, and patch asphalt. Install Owner-provided (ref pending Addendum 1) LED lighting fixtures and poles on Contractor-constructed concrete pole bases, and connect to specified Contractor-provided digital controls contactors and single touchpad controller. SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (JWC) will remain open to the public 7 days/wk during construction, and visitors (including children) must be protected from construction operations at all times. The PMCS Project Manager and JWC staff will coordinate with the selected Contractor to develop a cost-effective fencing plan that supports the Contractor’s intended means/methods/sequences of construction. A staging / laydown area will be provided for the project duration within the construction limits; that area will be required to be fenced with 6 ft chainlink panels. Beyond this laydown area, securely-installed (“child safe”) orange safety fencing will be acceptable around any construction zone(s) with open trenches and/or pole base pier holes. At least one half of the main visitor parking lot will be allowed under construction at one time before flipping (after pavement patching and pole base construction) to the remaining area; under the right circumstances of safety (including fencing options), cost, and schedule, it is possible that the entire visitor parking lot area could be released for construction at once. Where construction sequencing might necessitate open trenches in unfenced or otherwise unprotected public vehicular or pedestrian circulation areas, steel plate covers will be required. PRE-AWARD: Per standard solicitation contract provisions herein, PMCS may exercise the option to engage the apparent successful respondent in pre-award negotiations to optimize the cost and schedule aspects of this project with efficient means/methods/sequences proposed by the Contractor. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: Construction activities must be executed in such way to minimize any deleterious impacts to naturally vegetated (undisturbed native habitat) or landscaped areas within the construction zone(s). Appropriate stormwater and runoff controls / devices may be localized to only the areas currently disturbed, and will not be required around the full perimeter of the construction limits for the project duration.

The general Construction Budget for this project is approximately $190,000.00 to $240,000.00


Key Dates:

  • Notice to Proposers Out: September 13, 2017
  • Pre-Proposal Conference Site: University of Texas at Austin - PMCS , Facilities Complex Bldg -FC1-1.118C Training Room C
  • Pre-Proposal Conference Date: September 19, 2017 Time: 11:00 A.M. CST
  • Envelopes #1: October 10, 2017 Time: 11: 00 A.M. CST
  • Envelopes #2 & #3: October 11, 2017 Time: 11:00 A.M. CST
  • No. of Addenda: 1

PMCS Offices

map to PMCS

Directions to PMCS for Envelopes Drop Off:

FC1 - Facilities Complex Building 1, 1301 E. Dean Keeton, Austin (Corner of Dean Keeton and Lafayette St.)

From the South: Take the Manor Rd. exit and continue north through the light passing Mt. Calvary cemetery on the right. Turn right at the LBJ Library sign and stay to the left. The Facilities Complex is just across Dean Keeton. Turn Left. At the second driveway, turn right.

From North: Take Manor exit. Turn left at Manor Rd. then left again onto the frontage road. Continue north, passing Mt. Calvary cemetery on the right. Turn right at the LBJ Library sign and stay to the left. The Facilities Complex is just across Dean Keeton. Turn Left. At the 2nd drivway, turn right.