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17PSS005 - Request for Qulifications- Blanton Museum District Plan

Project Summary

The abbreviated Summary of Work is as follows:

The University of Texas at Austin (“Owner”) Project Management & Construction Services (“PMCS”) is soliciting statements of qualifications (“Qualifications”) for selection of PROFESSIONAL SERVICES firms for the Blanton Museum District Plan, at The University of Texas at Austin, RFQ number 17PSS005, in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in this Request for Qualifications

This Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) is the first step in a possible 2-step process for selecting an Architect/Engineer or other firm.  The RFQ provides the information necessary to prepare and submit Qualifications for consideration and initial ranking by the Owner.  Based on the initial ranking, the Owner may select several of the top ranked qualified Respondents to attend interviews in the final step of the process. 

In the final step of the process (if required), Interviews, the “most” qualified Respondents will be requested to attend an interview with Owner to confirm the Qualification submittal and answer additional questions.  Owner will then rank the remaining Respondents in order to determine a “most” qualified Respondent.  

Blanton Museum District Plan (BMA)


Key Dates:

  • Notice to Proposers Out: February 21, 2017
  • Pre-Proposal Conference Site: Edgar A. Smith (EAS) Capital Rm. 2.118 (200 Martin Luther Blvd. E, Austin, TX 78705)
  • Pre-Proposal Conference Date: Feburary 27, 2017 Time: 8:30 AM. CST
  • Envelope No. 1 Submition Date: March 14, 2017 Time: 2: 00 P.M. CST
  • Envelope No. 2 Submition Date: March 14, 2017 Time: 2:00 P.M. CST
  • No. of Addenda: 0