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Our Organization

Project Management and Construction Services supports the more than 70,000 faculty, staff and students of the university campus by providing exceptional construction and renovation services. To best provide these services, PMCS is organized in the following three divisions:

Project Management

The Project Management Division manages renovation projects less than $10 million for the university community as well as projects above $10 million approved by the UT System Board of Regents for institution management.  The division provides life-cycle management of all projects for campus clients, oversight of contracted professional service provider project tasks, and management of construction contractors after contract award. 

The division includes four project management sections: Laboratory and Technical, Classroom, Office and Auxiliary, Facilities Engineering, and Pickle Research Campus (PRC).  Project managers are architects and engineers who provide the technical and management expertise to ensure sustainment of the campus into the future.

Project Management also provides design and construction administration services to the campus community with support of contracted professional service providers. Services include project estimates and studies and in-house engineering services. Project Management staff members provide the technical expertise needed to investigate, estimate and plan the repair, maintenance, renovation, remodeling, and construction projects for the main campus and satellite campus locations. The division also manages all renovation and renewal (R&R) projects for the campus, which invest in campus infrastructure improvements.

Construction Services

The Construction Services division has eight specialized shops, and its personnel plan and oversee all in-house shop construction for the campus. The division processes and directs all service requests and coordinates any service outages needed to accommodate campus construction projects. Construction Services is also staffed with construction planners who address larger multi-craft projects and provide estimates on cost, time, and materials. Construction planners schedule work and ensure that all project plans submitted to Construction Services are completed on time and on budget.

Operations and Support

The Operations and Support Division is a multifunctional team consisting of three sections that provide internal and external customer support functions to Project Management and Construction Services: Procurement and Compliance, Construction Coordination, and Project Control and Customer Relations.

Procurement and Compliance administers professional service provider and construction contracts using appropriate contract vehicles to meet specific project goals, including Job Order Contracts (JOC), Competitive Sealed Proposals, and Construction Management Risk.  Staff members interface with auditing agencies and manage the Historically Underutilized Business program for Campus Planning and Facilities Management.

Construction Coordination supports the seamless execution of construction through quality assurance, oversight of construction safety practices, and daily interaction with customers, contractors, and numerous supporting organizations throughout the university.

Project Control and Customer Relations provides interior design and graphic design project management and consultation services, information and data analysis, regulatory program oversight, and administration of all PMCS standard operating procedures, design and construction standards, and record drawings.  The section also manages the PMCS client relations and feedback program.